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Det finns flera sätt att överväga vad biochar är eller vad det inte är;


Soil Fertility

As a result of caption exchange capacity (high porosity, large surface area and other factors) biochar  improves soil fertility and stimulate plant growth which then consumes more CO2 in a positive feedback effect.

Reduced emissions from feed stocks

The conversion of  agricultural and forestry waste into biochar can avoid CO2 and CH4 emissions otherwise generated by the natural decomposition or burning of the waste.

Natural fertilizer

Biochar can also reduce the need for chemical fertilizers especially in degraded soils, resulting in reduced emissions of greenhouse gases from fertilizer manufacture.

Reduced greenhouse gases

When added in soils, It can also  reduce emissions of nitrous oxide (N2O) and methane (CH4)- two potent greenhouse gases from agricultural soils.

Enhanced soil microbial life

It can increase soil microbial life, resulting in more carbon storage in soil.

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